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Affordable International Travel Medical Insurance for U.S. citizens and travelers travel around the world.


While international travel is often interesting, fun and exciting, it is important not to ignore the real risks we face when traveling, even though we do not like to think about them happening. You may require emergency medical evacuation to a distant location for treatment.

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Now you can travel with confidence when you arrive in another country that you have the security of comprehensive travel medical insurance protection and client assistance. Your domestic (home country) health insurance plans do not cover out-of-country medical coverage during international travel.

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The Beacon Plan from ARS and Lloyd’s London provides the essential coverage, preferred traveler client assistance while you travel abroad. The Call Center responds quickly, compassionately and professionally during any of travel emergencies that may occur outside your home country. This allows you enjoy your international trip with the added piece of mind knowing that you will have these special benefits – Preferred International Client Assistance.

Here are just a few important travel services to help you when you are far from home and in the greatest need:

  • Real Time Call Center: Never worry about getting lost in voicemail while you are many time zones away. A caring, helpful and friendly voice on the other end of the phone is always ready to help.
  • Lost Baggage Tracking: If you’ve ever had to chase down your airline baggage department to find out where your luggage may have gone, you will appreciate our ability to do so on your behalf. Enjoy your travel without having to make multiple phone calls to get updates on your baggage delivery.
  • Medical Referrals: Need a doctor or the nearest hospital? One free call gets you the information you need.
  • Travel Advisories: Get in the know, before you go; call us to learn areas to avoid, travel delays, weather alerts and more.
  • Crisis Cash Advance: We’ll help you get to your money so you can stay on the go.

The Beacon Plans are administered worldwide by and are fully insured by Lloyd’s London with over 320 years experience insuring global risks in over 200 countries.