California Student Insurance for Athletes?

On August 5, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill named, “Rocky’s Law.” The law requires both private and public schools to provide a minimum insurance policy of $3 million in benefits or a minimum of five years of coverage for related medical issues that were experienced on the field. The law was named after the death of a high school football player, Rasul “Rocky” Clark, who was paralyzed in a football game back in 2000. His high school could no longer afford to cover his cost and as a result, Rocky passed away. It’s important to note that Illinois’ mandate is unique, as most high school districts across the country don’t typically require coverage for student athletes’ injuries. Should California consider similar mandates? The law may become a necessity across the country as an estimated two million injuries, 30,000 hospitalizations, and over 500,000 doctor visits happen a year. This …Read More

The Truth About Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a great benefit to offer employees to make your company or organization competitive. This insurance can provide coverage not only to workers, but also to their dependents. It is especially desirable when a portion of the premiums are paid for, which lowers the out-of-pocket costs for employees. It’s no mystery why about 169.3 million Americans receive insurance through the workplace. Everyone benefits. Employers benefit from tax deductions for offering coverage, and employees benefit because compensation to meet premiums is untaxed. We’ve outlined some of the major points to keep in mind when considering group health insurance: What are the options? The business owner picks the insurance company, the type of insurance, the amount of coverage and the amount employees will be charged. There are three types of managed care group plans that employers can choose from. They are: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) …Read More

Affordable Group Insurance

Are you interested in a quality group health insurance plan? You’ve come to the right place to begin your search. World Insure is a great source for the most comprehensive health insurance plans from reputable insurance lenders. We have excellent rates for group plans, and our experienced team of helpful agents will be happy to assist you every step of the way in finding the plans that are a good fit for you. We’re a recognized leader in the industry when it comes to group insurance plans, and we’d love to put our expertise to good use for you. Feel free to visit our website to read up about the different plans we have to offer you. Should you have any questions, you can feel free to give us a call and discuss your options with one of our friendly staff. We’ll be happy to go over the difference types of group …Read More

Reliable California group health insurance is more attainable than you expected!

Today in California, when you own a business, whether it’s big or small, what matters is how you manage to take care of your employees, by managing them and also their life and health insurance plans. Of course getting a job doesn’t just come with the salary but also involve perks from the company they work for.  I own a business, how can I make sure I get the right health insurance for my employees?  When you as a boss are truly concerned about your employees’ health care needs, you’d choose a partner that will surely plan for it just the way you want it to happen. That’s why there’s World Insure to be with you in every step when you are having a hard time in planning for your employees’ right health insurance company to rely on. We offer you a range of options in group health insurance, not just in …Read More


Effective January 1, 2014, as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all Americans are required to obtain a minimum health insurance or be taxed by the government. U.S. citizens who do not have a minimum amount of health coverage (essential health benefits) will receive a penalty of $95 or 1% of their taxable income, whichever is greater and will increase to year 2016. The ACA Law requires Health Insurance to be “guaranteed issue”. That means a person or a family cannot be denied for health insurance or charged more because of health conditions which she/he already has. People who do not get health insurance at work, or cannot afford it, may be able to get it through an Exchange. Individuals not covered by a Government Health plan have three options to obtain Health insurance in January 2014: 1) Get Coverage through their employer, if available. 2) Buy Health Insurance …Read More

Why You Need Travel insurance

Some people are wondering if there is actually a need for travel insurance.  Well, if you are fund of travelling then you have to obtain this type of insurance.  It can help you in covering the expenses for emergencies in case you are travelling. Ovarian cancer is quite common in most women of today.  This type of cancer generally starts in the ovary.  There are treatments for ovarian cancer that have been discovered in the recent years.  However, best results can be obtained if the disease was discovered earlier.  Ovarian cancer consists of a variety of symptoms which include feeling pain in the pelvis or abdomen, women will urinate most often, they can immediately feel full during meals and sometimes they can also feel pressure or bloating in their belly.  Even if you have these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you have ovarian cancer.  However, if you noticed …Read More

Why People Need World health plans

World health plans can help a lot of people who have financial difficulties.  By having this plan, you can always get the care that you need.  During medical emergencies you won’t have to worry about covering the expenses of your medicines.  Health plans are beneficial to offset the costs of medical and health care. Researchers have discovered a new way of treating lymphoma without undergoing radiation therapy.  This means that those young patients who are having this type of disease will not suffer from the side affects of radiation therapy anymore.  Based on the trial of the U.S. National Cancer Institute, most of the patients who are suffering from lymphoma and have undergone chemotherapy but not chest radiation have experienced full remission.  According to the authors of the study, the typical treatment of cancer is chest radiation; however this type of treatment can result to harmful effects especially for women. …Read More

Benefits of Travel Insurance Policies

Travel insurance policies are very essential to those people who are frequent travelers regardless if it is for business or personal reasons.  This insurance policy can help you in feeling secure even if you are in other countries.  You can quickly obtain the help that you need especially during emergencies.  Studies are constantly being performed, which alert us to the value of good health cover. Some women have fears that the fertility drugs that they are taking can lead to the development of ovarian cancer.  However, a new research has revealed that this is not true.  According to the lead author of the study, Dr. Albert Asante, women who want to get pregnant can still use fertility drugs and they should not get worried about its risks.  The researches that are being done on cancer risk and fertility drugs have inconsistent results.  For instance, there was a study conducted in …Read More

Who Needs Affordable World Health Insurance Plan

Affordable world health insurance plan is perfect for those individuals who want to protect themselves in case of a medical illness, as well as, have health care costs supplemented.  These plans are offered by several providers.  If you want to know more about these plans then you can always talk to an insurance agent who offers health insurance coverage. The 2014 proposed budget of President Barack Obama has an increase of $3.9 billion which is intended for the health department.  This is done in preparation for the implementation of the healthcare overhaul.  There will be a budget for mental health but the Medicare costs will be reduced.  The increase of $1.5 billion will be used in managing the healthcare exchanges and at the same time it will also be used in educating consumers who will be enrolling in these exchanges.  The enrollment process will start on October 1 and the …Read More

World Health Insurance Plans

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed shopping for health insurance plans? You certainly would not be the first person that showed up at that feels a bit overwhelmed by their shopping experience and very likely you will not be the last.  Shopping for health insurance plans can be at best taxing at worst a nightmare.  The problem comes into play when you have so many choices to choose from and you are not sure which companies are the right companies and you are not sure which plans will really work for you.  It comes down to the sharing of information and where you are getting that information from. You need to be sure to use a trusted source of information. A lot of times people go from site to site searching for the right plans. It can be exhausting but it does not have to be!  Using the Right …Read More