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WorldInsure.net is a division of Calibrated Capital Inc. (CCI), a licensed Insurance Agency. Calibrated Capital Inc./Calibrated International Benefits is committed to provide comprehensive and catastrophic medical insurance to individuals, families and groups at very affordable rates. We represent multiple insurance companies offering some of the most consumer-friendly medical insurance plans.
Insurance Agent
Medical insurance plans and Travel insurance plans for Individuals, Families, Seniors, Groups and Business in the USA and around the world. Our insurance plans include:
  • Comprehensive Health and Medical Insurance
  • Dental, Vision, and Life insurance
  • U.S.A. Medi-Gap / Medicare Supplement insurance plans
  • International Medical Insurance for U.S. Citizens traveling abroad
  • Global Medical Insurance for International Travelers including those visiting or immigrating to the USA
  • Foreign Students and Exchange Students to or from the USA, with or without H1 Visas
  • Group and Individual Medical plans
Our objective is to provide a consumer oriented online agency with a one stop shopping for group and individual for U.S.A. medical insurance and international medical insurance. In addition, we can provide professional recommendations personalized for your specific coverage needs in the United States or worldwide. Email to info@worldinsure.com World Insure operates with the highest ethical standards and places the interests of its clients above all else.


The firm’s representatives hold Health Insurance and Life Insurance License in the States of:
      CA 0784478
  If you are not from¬†this state, we will not attempt to transact insurance until we are licensed in your state.¬† If you are outside the USA, we offer global plans insured by Lloyds London. Calibrated Capital, Inc 915 Highland Pointe, Suite 250 Phone: 800-889-5803 Fax: 415-373-9457 info@worldinsure.com  

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