California Student Insurance for Athletes?

On August 5, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill named, “Rocky’s Law.” The law requires both private and public schools to provide a minimum insurance policy of $3 million in benefits or a minimum of five years of coverage for related medical issues that were experienced on the field. The law was named after the death of a high school football player, Rasul “Rocky” Clark, who was paralyzed in a football game back in 2000. His high school could no longer afford to cover his cost and as a result, Rocky passed away.

It’s important to note that Illinois’ mandate is unique, as most high school districts across the country don’t typically require coverage for student athletes’ injuries. Should California consider similar mandates? The law may become a necessity across the country as an estimated two million injuries, 30,000 hospitalizations, and over 500,000 doctor visits happen a year.

This Illinois mandate is part of an increasing trend in athlete awareness in regards to their rights as they participate in what is clearly a violent activity. The message behind the legislation is to give comfort to sports families and those that are participating as well. In the United States, organized sports are on the rise with nearly 30 million children and adolescents participating, thus giving reassurance to some that safety is being considered.

It is crucial that residents of California stay on top of insurance news as historic changes are approaching with the Affordable Care Act. Beyond “Obamacare,” the country is awaiting numerous changes in the health care industry and California student insurance may be one of them.

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